5 reasons why recycling is more important than ever in 2017

The threat of global warming and carbon emissions is more prominent than ever in 2017. Here are five reasons why we all must do more to recycle this year!


1) Conserve Natural Resources

Natural resources are wearing mightily thin – particularly due to the constant threat of man-made carbon emissions.

Conserving natural resources such as fossil fuels and plants is an essential task if we we want to sustain the naturality of our planet – and recycling is a key way of doing this!

2) Conserves wildlife

Recycling products is a great way of preserving forests, rivers, lakes and wetlands. These areas are constantly exploited for their resources, despite being vital habitats for a multitude of wildlife. Using recycled products instead of damaging habitats is essential to maintaining wildlife levels in the world!

3) Only way of ensuring a sustainable future

Earth harbours limited amount of natural resources and restricted capacity to recycle waste. By recycling, we are minimizing our immediate effect on Earth and developing sustainable practices for future generations.

4) Saving energy

Recycling has been scientifically-proven to save energy! Utilising recyclable energy can allow businesses to largely cut production costs – saving money and the planet in the process!

5) Lack of jobs

Unemployment is always a well documented issue – but that doesn’t have to be the case. Increased prominence of recycling across the world will lead to the creation of recycling centres in a multitude of areas.

These centres will need manning, of course – providing a number of new jobs and opportunities for people all over the planet.


Recycling is vitally important – and unbelievably beneficial. Utilise CheaperWaste today and play your part in the #RecyclingRevolution!

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