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Why Office Waste Recycling Is Important

Recycling your office waste is extremely important for preserving the environment. By collecting your office waste recyclables you are preventing the refused material from going into landfill – and we all know how harmful landfill can be for the Earth.

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Plus, there are a tonne of other benefits to recycling in your office too! For instance, since you are reducing the amount of waste you put into landfill you will have to pay less landfill tax! Plus, if you have a good office waste recycling scheme you will likely have a great impact on your staff who will surely be proud to work for a ‘going green’ company.


But it is sometimes difficult for small businesses to introduce and maintain a good recycling scheme for the office. As such, to help you out, we have made this article with our top business recycling tips.



Top Tips To Help Your Office Recycle


Offer more office waste recycling options

You don’t have to limit your recycling to just paper and plastic. You can offer recycling options for metal, certain food wastes or even electronic waste too! Having more options in your office will ensure that you are optimising your company’s recycling efforts.


Go paperless

This might not be entirely possible for all businesses, and you may not be able to go fully paperless. But by choosing online methods over paper you will produce far less waste and can limit your paper use to only types which can be recycled.


Provide more bins

To encourage your employees to recycle you need to offer them the adequate resources to do so in your office. You need to provide plenty of central bins and more specific bins, such as paper bins, in places where they will be used the most such as having a paper bin near a printer. You should also remove any under-deck general bins since staff will likely use this bin as their default refuse disposal container and not segregate their waste in order to salvage recyclable material.


Conduct a waste audit

You should conduct a regular waste audit to discover any office waste recycling opportunities your business may have. If you find that your office is beginning to produce a lot of cardboard waste from lunch delivery boxes then perhaps you need another cardboard recycling bin on your business site.


It is even more important that you do this more often throughout 2021 because the fluctuations and eventual easing of Covid restrictions will undoubtedly impact your businesses’ operations and your waste needs may change accordingly. For instance, your business may not even be open in March 2021 but may be allowed to open in late April (with limitations) and hopefully be back to full capacity by June 21st – at least this is what has been set out by the UK government.


Encourage waste-free lunches

Speaking of lunches, you need to do your best to encourage staff to choose lunch options which produce the least amount of waste. Fish and chips, for instance, is often wrapped in greasy newspaper and comes in a polystyrene container. Neither of these materials are easily recycled and will likely not be accepted by your waste collector as recyclable material.


And you know what that means right? Yep, straight to landfill and more landfill charges for your company. Your employees’ lunch decisions can seriously affect your bottom line. So encourage less wasteful lunches. You can do this by offering better office kitchen facilities and crockery or by educating your staff on more environmentally conscious lunchtime choices.


Provide reusable company water bottles/coffee cups

If your employees are still using single-use plastic water bottles or are bringing in Starbucks takeaway coffee cups into your business site every day then this is such an easily solved problem. You should provide reusable water bottles and coffee cups with your company branding on them. This will not only reduce the amount of non-recyclable waste coming into your office but will also boost your staff’s morale and make them feel like part of the team.


Encourage your staff to recycle

Even if you have all the done all the right things as a business owner who wants to actively take charge of their office waste recycling, it will all be for nothing if your staff are not on-board. You need to have a good communication channel with them, letting them know about your new recycling measures and encouraging them to be part of a forward-thinking team who are proud to recycle at work.


Sometimes they will forget, so you need to frequently remind employees and provide all the information they need to make your office waste recycling scheme a success.



Best Office Waste Recycling Bins

We have talked about how you need a good amount of recycling bins in your office. But you need to make sure that you are buying the best bins you can for your purposes. This article outlines the top 10 best office waste recycling bins for your small business. Go check them out.

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Choosing an Office Waste Recycling Collector

It’s all well and good having a good office waste recycling scheme in place and collecting all your recyclable material in your office bins. But without a waste collector who can take recyclable material then you’ll be stuck with your waste. You need to pick a reliable waste collector who can take your recycling and ensure that it goes to the correct waste treatment facility so that your efforts aren’t wasted.


Plus, with 2021 being quite a tricky period for businesses to navigate due to the disruptions Covid brings, it is important that you use a waste servicer who understands your needs, can provide flexibility, and have the expertise to be able to support you throughout 2021 and beyond.


If you need help or want to start using a cheap and reliable waste collector then get yourself a free business quote today by simply fill in the quick and easy quote form below to get a free quote.

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