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7 Facts About Trade Waste Collection

Trade waste collection can be quite a confusing aspect of running a successful business. Many companies are unsure about what to expect from their waste management provider and so in this post, we will provide you with some useful facts about trade waste collection.



Every single hour in England, the country produces enough waste to fill up the entire Albert Hall. The majority of this being trade waste in desperate need of collection.



In London specifically, the city produces enough trade waste to fill over 1,500 Olympic sized swimming pools every year. If you consider the city’s growth in population, businesses, and the consequential waste production coupled with the city’s low recycling rates then the problem becomes a lot clearer.



Around 70% of all commercial waste produced by businesses in the UK can be recycled. But unfortunately, the majority of trade waste is still sent to landfill and not recycled in Great Britain. What makes this fact even more staggering is that businesses can actually save money through recycling their waste and are literally throwing money down the drain when sending recyclable waste material to landfill. You can read more about this here.



Nearly 50 million tonnes of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) is discarded in the UK. If this was to be laid out from one end of each item to another then this would reach the moon three times over. Whatsmore is that around a quatre of it is actually still functioning and could be reused.



In fact, most laptops produced are never recycled and end up scrapped. If businesses were to recycle a total of 1 million laptops instead of leaving it to be taken to landfill by trade waste collection services then we would save enough energy to power around 3,600 homes.



Around 70% of the waste produced by offices consists of mixed paper materials. That’s why we highly recommend a dry-mixed recycling service to coincide with your general waste collection service offered by your waste management company. This will help your business reach its recycling rates and save you money down the line.



This fact might sound fairly unbelievable but both glass and metal can be recycled an infinite amount of times without losing its quality. The material of both is 100% recyclable as long as it is cleaned from contamination and not physically lost during the process. But shockingly, six billion glass bottles and jars are thrown away rather than recycled each year.


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