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Tattoo parlours, much like other types of business, produce a fair amount of waste during business hours. However, it’s the type of waste Tattoo parlours produce which is of concern in this blog post.


By using disinfectants, various inks, and a multitude of needles, Tattoo parlours create a lot of clinical and ‘sharps’ waste which is often defined as hazardous by the Department of Health.



Clinical Waste

The type of clinical waste tattoo businesses will produce will be classified as infectious. Infectious waste includes used swabs, bandages, and disposable gloves – all of which are used by tattooists daily.


To dispose of this waste safely, the parlour will need a clearly labelled dedicated bin for these materials where nothing else but the infectious waste items will be stored in. Following this, the business will need to arrange for collections of this bin on a frequent enough basis so that the bin will never be close to overflowing yet sparse enough for it to not be only half full.


Once collected the infectious waste will be transported by a waste management service to a treatment facility where it will likely be incinerated to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.



Sharps Waste

Sharps waste, as the name suggests, describes the materials which can cause cuts or punctures to human skin because of their ‘sharp’ or pointy features. Not only is this waste dangerous to humans because it can physically cut them but it can also spread harmful diseases by piercing bacteria and diseases directly into a human’s bloodstream. The results could even be fatal if not treated successfully.


As such, this type of waste will also need its own clearly labelled dedicated bin where the only type of refuse placed in the bin is considered to be ‘sharps waste’. Once again, the tattoo parlour will need to arrange for collections on a schedule suited to their demand.


The sharps waste is then taken away from the business site and is taken to a facility where it is autoclaved (otherwise known as sterilised) and recycled if possible.



What To Remember

As a Tattoo business, you will need to make sure that your waste is being taken care of safely. As such, you need to train your staff on the safety precautions necessary for handling the clinical and sharps waste. You will need to inform them of what each bin means and what can be put into each one.


Furthermore, you will need to make sure that your bins are clearly labelled. The bins you, or your waste management service, will order in will likely already have labels but you must make sure that they are not hidden, rubbed off or disguised in any way. They need to be clear so your staff can see them at any given time.


One final thing to remember is that a waste management service is by far the best option for safe clinical and sharps waste removal for tattoo parlours. They will provide you with the appropriate bins, collect on a schedule suited to you and ensure that they are disposed of safely and legally so your business is not liable for breaking any ‘duty of care’ laws.


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