Cheaper Waste Celebrates its 6th Birthday!

We entered the market back in 2011, and we have been arranging premium-standard waste collection and disposal solutions for UK businesses ever since! We have maintained over 3,000 happy customers nationwide, and we’ve always fully understood the need to provide the most cost-effective disposal solutions with minimal impact on the environment.

With a team of dedicated professionals, from Chairman James Jukes right through to Liam Patterson from the I.T department, we have always strived to stand out from the crowd. Our mantra is ‘minimal landfill’, and always look to provide our customers with a recycling option where possible although we understand that in some cases a general waste container is the only viable solution.

Over the past six years we have always advised customers on how to reduce their landfill output in a cost-effective manner! We specialise in seven specific areas of waste management from general waste to clinical waste, and we are adaptable to our customers’ needs in order to maintain the relationships we’ve formed with over three thousand happy clients.

Heading into our 7th year, we are striving to improve our services further, contributing to a greener environment in the process!

45273894 - cupcake with sparkler against blue
45273894 – cupcake with sparkler against blue

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