Container Sizes

We offer a number of different, high-quality wheelie bins and wheel-based waste containers suitable for general waste and recyclable materials.

From 120 Litre wheelie bins to 1100 containers, our highly-trained staff can advise you of the very best solution to meet your business waste needs, and if your needs change, don’t worry. You can always change the size of your bin at a later date.


The below guide shows their size and approximately how much waste they can hold.

Recycling CheaperWaste

120 Litre Eurobin (Plastic)

Height = 0.93m

Width = 0.48m

Depth = 0.55m

Capacity = 2 – 3 Bags

(Dimensions are a guide only)

120 Wheelie bin

240 Litre Eurobin (Plastic)

Height = 1.07m

Width = 0.58m

Depth = 0.72m

Capacity = 3 – 5 Bags

(Dimensions are a guide only)

240 Wheelie bin

360 Litre Eurobin (Plastic)

Height = 1.11m

Width = 1.37m

Depth = 0.86m

Capacity = 5 – 7 Bags

(Dimensions are a guide only)

360 Wheelie bin

660 Litre Eurobin (Plastic)

Height = 1.31m

Width = 1.37m

Depth = 0.79m

Capacity = 10 – 12 Bags

(Dimensions are a guide only)

660 Wheelie bin

1100 Litre Eurobin (Plastic)

Height = 1.32m

Width = 1.21m

Depth = 1.09m

Capacity = 15 – 20 Bags

(Dimensions are a guide only)

1100 Wheelie bin

The above sizes are approximate and may vary from supplier to supplier.

If you’re looking for something even bigger, we also offer skip hire.