Defra To Review UK Recycling Targets

Whilst the government plans to retain Europe’s circular economy principles, it’s still reviewing a new UK-led approach to recycling waste targets.

After the EU Referendum, the House of Commons Environmental Audit committee agreed that plans would need to be looked at due to the UK’s impending removal from the EU. Therese Coffey said that there would be ongoing discussions about whether the upcoming circular economy would include the UK, however would need to write to the committee on potential 2030 recycling targets in the UK.

Back in March earlier this year, the government changed plastic packaging targets from 50% to 40% for 2016. They included a 2% increase each year until a 57% target is set in 2020.

Francisco Morcillo, head of public and industrial affairs for The British Plastic Federation, said that it’s still unknown whether the UK will adopt the measures included in the circular economy package, due to the Brexit vote.

Included in some of the proposals, is the redefinition of recycling which would see major changes in the UK. Although national targets are set to extend, Defra has yet to sign off on these but is being urged to do so as soon as possible to help set measures in place before Brexit kicks in.

Various industry leads have also voiced their concern at decisions being made before the UK is officially removed from the EU to avoid confusion and hitting their targets.

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