Food Waste

Food Waste

Is all inedible and edible parts of food that is created before and after food processing, production and consumption. It can contain small bones such as chicken bones from a takeaway but can’t include larger bones such as from a butcher. These require specific certificates for disposing of within an ABP (animal-by-product) bin.

Food waste recycling is a process to convert food waste into useful materials and products.

Why food waste shouldn't go into General Waste bins

Over 1/3 of all food produced globally goes to waste, thats almost $1 trillion worth of wasted food and money!

Additionally, when food is disposed of in a landfill it rots and becomes a significant source of methane – a dangerous greenhouse gas with 21 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide. By choosing a specific food waste stream you are making positive changes to reduce greenhouse gasses.

By segregating food waste for proper disposal you are not only saving the environment, but you will also be saving money. For tips on how to reduce your food waste wastage read our blog .

Food waste recycling fact

If you choose our Food Waste Service we will provide you with a bin and empty it for you on a pre-agreed schedule of service.  You will use this bin for food waste such as plate scrapings, leftovers, meat, fish, dairy products, fruits and vegetables.

Setting up an account with us is very quick and easy – it takes minutes and can all be done by telephone and email.

We can have your bin delivered in 10 working days.
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