B2B Waste Management Services

We offer waste management and recycling services to numerous commercial industries, and have many years dealing with the different needs of these businesses.

If you’re a new business you might be unsure about which types of waste collection services you need. That’s why we’ve created the below guide to help, and our highly trained staff will be able to offer you a number of options and packages to meet your business needs in the most cost-effective manner.

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Leisure and Hospitality

From hotels to pubs and restaurant, tourist attractions, and sports facilities, businesses involved in the leisure and tourism industry have very specific waste management needs, and at CheaperWaste we tailor our service to make sure all types of waste are dealt with efficiently.

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General Retail

Retailers have had a tough time over the past few years, and business owners face the challenge of reducing their overhead costs, including waste management costs. We work with waste suppliers to negotiate the very prices for waste collection and passes these savings onto customers.

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Like all businesses, offices need to have frequent, reliable waste and recycling collections, but office managers have the additional worry that their waste needs to remain secure and confidential. CheaperWaste can provide bespoke, secure solutions to take the “worry out of waste”.

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Health Care / Beauty

Beauty salons and healthcare providers have a range of challenging waste management requirements. Having to deal with both general day to day waste, and potentially offensive waste. At CheaperWaste we can create a bespoke package of services that make sure all waste is handled carefully and cost-efficiently.

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Industry / Heavy Plant

Dealing with large, bulky or hazardous waste can be a source of worry and expense for businesses, but at CheaperWaste we can provide a number of solutions to deal with waste of all sizes. This includes collections on a one-off basis or multiple collections, and we have a range of containers to hold almost any type of waste.

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