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CheaperWaste in Birmingham

Located in West-Midlands England, Birmingham is a city which has a huge demand for waste management services for its businesses. The city is considered to be the second largest in England, second only to London, and has a population of over 1.1 million people.

Whatsmore, the city expects to grow in population by 150,000 people by 2031, and so this poses even more challenges for effective waste collection and disposal methods. Fortunately, here at CheaperWaste, we have a dedicated team in Birmingham which works to ensure that we can support the local businesses to the best of our abilities. We can offer waste advice, inexpensive quotes, and a bespoke service to suit your company’s needs perfectly. Plus, we also offer skip hire in this location.

Birmingham Waste Collections

Birmingham is considered to be a significant international commercial centre by the ‘Globalization and World Cities Research Network’ and has a flourishing economy with 6 universities (including the University of Birmingham and Aston University) bringing in a wealth of students to the area. As such, there are many new businesses opening up in the area which need commercial waste collections taken care of and that’s where we come in.

Currently, however, the Birmingham City Council is underperforming in the national recycling league tables and so are keen to improve their recycling rates across the area. But local businesses must also play there part in encouraging a greener approach to waste management in Birmingham.

The simplest and one of the most effective ways companies can do this is by using an environmentally progressive waste collection company such as CheaperWaste. We aim to send as little as possible to landfill and are determined to recycle as much waste as we can. Our customers are proud to use us for our forward-thinking approach to waste.


Contact Number and Opening Hours

We offer our waste management services all across Birmingham and the surrounding areas.

Contact number: 03301 242 535

Opening hours: 9 – 5:30 (Monday to Friday)


Birmingham Waste Management Recycling Centres

We do not offer our services for households and instead focus our efforts on supporting businesses in the local area. But if you need to dispose of your household waste you can use the following recycling centres:

Holford Drive Recycling Centre: Holford Drive, Perry Barr, Birmingham, B42 2TU

Tameside Drive Recycle Centre: Tameside Drive, Castle Bromwich, Birmingham, B35 7AG

You can find more information about these sites and other locations for recycling centres in Birmingham here.