Waste Management Brighton

We offer a full waste management service in Brighton

Waste management Brighton

CheaperWaste in Brighton

As a Brighton waste management service, CheaperWaste is proud to be able to offer an exceptional commercial waste collection service for businesses in the Brighton and Hove area.

Located on the southern coast of England, in East Sussex, Brighton is a seaside city with fantastic transport links to the capital since it is only 47 miles south of London. The ease of access to London is a large contributor to why the area is so affluent. In fact, Brighton has been ranked 3rd for the success of SMEs out of all of England’s cities by the ‘Centre for Cities’ organization.

With Brighton’s economy doing so well, its also no wonder that the area is growing rapidly in residents, with the population being predicted to be around 290,000 by 2020. As this population increases and businesses continue to thrive, however, there will inevitably be more waste which needs to be disposed of.

Interestingly too, Brighton is one of the only parliamentary seats in the UK which belongs to the Green Party and so environmental practices are undoubtedly important to the city. Fortunately, at CheaperWaste, we have a zero-waste-to-landfill policy where we attempt to recycle as much of your businesses’ waste as possible.


Brighton Waste Collection

We can collect a variety of business waste including anything from general waste to hazardous. Whatsmore, we can collect on days suited to your businesses’ needs and provide you with your bins upon request. Enquire with our team today to get some friendly expert advice on the best waste management options for your organization or to receive a free quote.


Contact Number and Opening Hours

We provide our waste management service for all types of businesses in Brighton and the surrounding area.

Contact number: 03301 242 535

Opening hours: 9 – 5:30 (Monday to Friday)


Brighton Waste Management Recycling Centres

We do not currently offer collections for recycling for households as we focus our service on Brighton businesses. But if you do need to recycle your household waste then you can do so here.

Brighton Recycling Centre: Off Wilson Avenue, Brighton, BN2 5PA

Hove Recycling Centre: Off Old Shoreham Road, Hove, BN3 7AE

You can find out more information about these sites and others here.