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Waste management Oxfordshire

CheaperWaste in Oxfordshire

Effective waste management is very important to businesses in Oxfordshire. Located in the south-east of England, in close proximity of London, Oxfordshire is a beautiful county with a population of 687,524 people.

Due to the combination of being close to London, having a large density of businesses, and reports of residents having a high life satisfaction rate, the county of Oxfordshire has been predicted to increase in population by 13% by 2026. If this does happen, however, there will inevitably be more waste produced and so waste management will be even more important in the near future.

In the county lies the historic university city of Oxford. This city, of course, brings in an abundance of temporary residents including students and tourists due to its world-renowned university and beautiful architecture. When an urban area has a dynamic in-flux population, like Oxford, waste is also commonplace and businesses need additional collections to handle the increased demand. That’s why services like CheaperWaste are so popular here.


Oxfordshire Waste Collection

We have been providing our waste management services for nearly a decade in Oxfordshire. Our services include the collection of a large variety of waste ranging from general to hazardous; the provision of additional bins; a bespoke collection schedule; and all the legal stuff taken care of so Oxfordshire businesses do not have to worry about whether they’re compliant or not.

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Contact Number and Opening Hours

We offer our waste management services all across Oxfordshire and the surrounding area.

Contact number: 03301 242 535

Opening hours: 9 – 5:30 (Monday to Friday)


Oxfordshire Waste Management Recycling Centres

We do not collect household waste since we are a commercial service. But if you do need to recycle your household waste then you can do so at the following facilities:

Redbridge HWRC: Old Abingdon Road, Oxford, OX1 4XG

Drayton HWRC: Steventon Road, Drayton, Nr Abingdon, OX14 4LA

Ardley Fields HWRC: Brackley Road, Ardley, OX27 7PH

You can find more information about these recycling centres here.