School appeals for donations to recycling scheme

A school is urging people to help staff and pupils save air fresheners and home care products from landfill.

William Penn Primary School in Coolham, near Horsham, is taking part in a recycling contest as part of a nationwide project.

The 2016 Febreze Freshness Rewards Contest is linked to a recycling scheme which enables any brand of air freshener and home care products and packaging to be recycled.

Anyone in the UK can sign up to Air and Home Care Recycling Programme and compete to win a share of £2,500 worth of charity prize donations.

While plastic air fresheners and the packaging they come in, trigger heads, flip and flexible plastic cleaning wipes packs are technically recyclable, the high cost of doing so means it is not widely available in the UK.

As a result these materials often end up in local landfill all over the UK.

Carrie Cort who manages the collections on behalf of the school, will earn points for the weight of each product donated, which will be converted into money.

All funds raised will go towards building a new classroom at the school.

Donations can be left in boxes in the school playground in Brooks Green Road between 8.30am and 3.15pm once it reopens after half term.


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