Clinical Waste

Clinical waste is the term is described as waste produced from healthcare and similar service providers such as dentists, beauty therapist or tattoo parlours that may pose a risk of infection. This can include, swabs, bandages, dressings, needles, syringes blades, or any waste that may prove hazardous to public health. In Scotland, any hazardous clinical waste produced is controlled by the Special Waste Regulations 1996 and the Special Waste Amendment Regulations 2004.

Clinical Waste Containers

We provide many different clinical waste solutions, and our highly trained staff will discuss your requirements and advise of the best solution to meet your waste needs.

Our service

We have extensive experience in handling hazardous, clinical and offensive waste, and we will always ensure that your environmental Duty of Care obligations are fulfilled.

Our clinical waste removal comes in many forms, and how each type of waste is handled is clearly defined by regulations.

When you choose our Clinical Waste Service we will provide you with suitable containers for your waste, and collect and dispose of it for you on either a call-in basis or a pre-agreed schedule of service.

Setting up an account with us is quick and easy – can all be done by telephone and email.

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Types of clinical waste:

Hazardous Waste:
Any part of clinical waste that contains an infectious element.

Non-Hazardous Clinical Waste:
Clinical waste that does not pose an infection danger and that does not include other materials that might make the waste hazardous (such as cytotoxics).

Offensive Waste:
Non-hazardous but still requires special labelling, storage, and disposal. It is non-infectious waste that may be unpleasant or cause offence to those coming into contact with it.

Who needs clinical waste collections?

Clinical waste isn’t just produced by hospitals. It is produced by many types of businesses including:

  • Funeral homes
  • Prisons, Jails and detention centres
  • Dental practices
  • Beauty Therapists
  • Tattoo and piercing parlours
  • Care homes