Study finds British people care more about plastic than Brexit

The agency Delineate recently had its researchers survey over 1,000 British adults on how they viewed the current state of recycling, with the results showing they rank of plastic over those of Brexit in their priorities. The survey showed plastic as a primary concern for 35% of those who took part, while Brexit was only prioritised by 34% of the survey’s participants.


Along with that, 82% of the survey respondents supported plans for a plastic bottle deposit scheme. This was a scheme announced by environment secretary Michael Gove last month. This links to his pushing of the change in waste collection policies to become weekly for both general waste and recycling.


53% also said that they were making an effort not to buy groceries that were sold in plastic packaging. This makes sense as packaging tends to be a little overbearing for a lot of things, and non-plastic alternatives are readily available.


Whilst the problems that Brexit may have on Britain’s trade and economy are noticeable, it is still something that the country can adapt to in the future, and something that may even divide opinions to the point of people not even wanting to discuss it anymore.

In the case of plastic problems, however, the outcome is a far more agreed upon. Either Britain is to reduce its amount of plastic waste and aid in the environment, or the country is sure to be damaged (or worse) in the long term.


More about the Plastic Bottle Deposit Scheme

The plastic bottle deposit scheme hopes to create a circular economy by 2042 and completely erase Britain’s plastic waste, through companies taking full responsibility for their waste, including cost. The other measures include increasing the recycling in all type of plastic drink containers, and offering to track illegal waste exports through electronic tracking- with tougher penalties for those caught doing so.


This plan has already been offered a large amount of support by recycling groups like Surfers Against Sewage (SAS), who focus heavily on the improvement of marine conservation and the reduction of plastic waste in the waters.


Delineate’s Thoughts

The founder and CEO of Delineate, James Turner, announced: “There is a real willingness from the UK public to change their relationship with plastic, so it is upon the supermarkets, retailers and food industry to help make that change.


“The fact that single-use plastic waste is as big a concern as the effects of Brexit sends a strong message to politicians, manufacturers, food retailers and the hospitality industry that better and bigger measures are expected.”


Whilst this shows a really nice positive that Britain’s population are displaying more of an active effort in tackling the plastic problem, it’s apparent that a lot more work needs to be done by not only the public, but by companies, to make a notable clean up in the waste currently clogging deep waters.


With all this falling into place, now seems to be the time for Britain as a whole to play a bigger part in the improvement of our environment, even during an already tense climate in the house of commons.


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