Winston Churchill’s strength of leadership recognised that moving forward is the key to success – “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” For us at CheaperGroup, we are rapidly changing and developing our company, always improving and striving to grow to meet customer demands.

For me, stagnation and complacency are components of an unsuccessful company and disengaged employees. I want to be part of a team where development is encouraged, ideas are celebrated, and hard work is rewarded, and that is the culture we are aiming to cultivate. Working as HR & Office Manager, the overall wellbeing of the driving force behind the company is my responsibility. Richard Branson suggests that “if you look after your staff, they’ll look after your customers”. I had hoped that my BSc Psychology degree would give me the upper hand in my role – however it turns out that keeping the kitchen stocked with milk, tea, and coffee is half the battle.

As we move forward into new territory with the launch of CheaperPay and CheaperPower, there are lots of unknowns for us as a team. But we are looking forward to the potential these new business ventures offer the CheaperGroup and the success that moving forward will bring.

In my spare time I like to dabble in researching developments in epigenetics. I had no idea what this was before I went to a public lecture with a friend of mine a few years ago, but put simply it’s how the tiny building blocks that make up your DNA determine what functions your cells perform (whether that is becoming a brain cell, liver cell, or even cancer cell). Building a successful company which grows at a pace it can keep up with, is often determined by the ‘epigenetics’ of that company. The daily building blocks that, once put together, create the whole organism that works in union to perform well.

Starting off my career with CheaperWaste in the customer service team gave me a really good footing for understanding the needs of our customers and the demands placed upon our different teams to ensure we are giving the best service possible. From the initial sale, to customer service, to accounts, each ‘building block’ of the company plays a vital role in ensuring a successful service. Before working in customer service I’d never really appreciated the emotional demands of the role, as each call requires a different action and a new challenge to overcome, which we genuinely want to resolve as positively as possible.

I hope that all of our employees feel that they have been personally successful and not just part of a successful company. Personal success is one of those things that’s quite hard to define, and usually socially determined, like beauty and wealth. I think it’s got a lot to do with contentment and purpose; being happy with what you do and knowing why you’re doing it. Even if that’s to achieve small steps to a greater purpose. I used to work with teenagers and a lot of them feel like they have no purpose because they have very little direction. As a company we are heading in a very positive direction, and I hope our staff feel they are heading there too. I’d like to ensure that I’m enabling us all to have ‘contentment and purpose’, and individually adding to the positive direction that we are currently moving in.

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