WRAP releases National Recycling Guidelines

WRAP has released its first National Recycling Guidelines at the LARAC conference, developed with industry stakeholders.

WRAP worked with recyclers, local authorities and waste management companies to create a document that outlines what can be collected at the kerbside. This comes after the British population admitted confusion over what was suitable to recycle and what wasn’t.


The guidelines state in detail what can and can’t be recycled and why. It includes paper, card, cartons, metal, plastic, glass packaging and food waste. WRAP hopes the guidelines will increase effective communication amongst households and the local authorities.

Bottle Tops

Labels and bottle taps can all be left on when recycling according to the new guidelines. Although it’s important to note that black caps are omitted from this list as it’s unable to be recycled, there will be further discussions about its recyclability and a decision will be made in January 2017.

As technology continues to develop, WRAP have agreed to continue to adapt the guidelines and incorporate additional materials and advice.

Moving Forward

As it stands, the fact that these guidelines were needed means that recycling is increasing in the UK and amongst households. Effective communication between households and local authorities will continue to rise as a result of these guidelines.


You can read WRAP’s new guidelines here.

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