We take the “Worry out of Waste”

Like our customers we are a growing business, so we completely understand the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

This is why we offer simple, jargon-free waste management solutions on a transparent cost-per-collection basis, with no hidden charges.

We also understand that waste management isn’t something that business owners want to be worrying about, so we take the “worry out of waste” by arranging waste collection and disposal services for businesses throughout the UK, and we ensure that our customers are fully legally compliant and hold all the correct certification.

Our unique business model gives customers collective buying power and allows us to negotiate competitive rates from the big service providers that are usually reserved for big corporations.

Our mantra is ‘minimal landfill’

We encourage all our customers on how to reduce their landfill output in a cost-effective manner by the separation of recyclable materials wherever possible, although we do appreciate that in some cases a general waste container is the only practical option.

We partner with national material recovery specialists who share our vision and values to offer a range of services including; hazardous waste collection, clinical waste collection, secure shredding, food waste collections, dry mixed recycling services, cardboard only and glass only solutions.
See our services for info on specific types of waste

Our History

CheaperWaste was founded in 2011, by local business entrepreneur James Jukes.

James noticed that the waste industry was old-fashioned and did not cater to the changing needs of small and medium-sized businesses. So, he created CheaperWaste to be different.

Driven to provide SME’s with high-quality essential services at low prices, CheaperWaste has grown from humble beginnings to provide services nationwide to over 18,000 happy customers.

Now, we have restructured the business to form a group of companies controlled by a company, Waste Managed Ltd. Cheaperwaste is now a Waste Managed group company. If you are an existing Cheaperwaste customer you can if you wish change to a new contract directly with Waste Managed Ltd , whose terms and conditions are available here https://wastemanaged.co.uk/terms-and-conditions.pdf