Customer Support

At CheaperWaste we aim to be the friend of UK businesses by helping to navigate the complicated world of Waste Management with simplicity.

In the UK all businesses are required to dispose of their waste in line with the Environmental Protection Act 1990. This means businesses in the UK have a legal responsibility to ensure that you produce, store, transport and dispose of controlled waste without harming the environment. So, at CheaperWaste our mission is to “Take the worry out of Waste”, and our service teams work hard to deliver the core benefits of our service to all our customers:

  • Access to services at low prices
  • A single electronic Duty of Care Certificate to ensure you are always compliant for all your waste.
  • A single invoice for all waste services.
  • A clear and detailed invoice, separating fixed and variable costs.
  • A flexible, bespoke service from a single provider.
  • Clear information on services that can benefit our customers.

We have put together some useful resources for your below to help you work with us and get the most of your service with us.