General Waste

General Waste, sometimes known as residual or trade waste, is common everyday rubbish that cannot be recycled. It is free of any apparent or actual pathological/infectious, radioactive or hazardous chemical contamination.

Our service

We encourage all of our customers to recycle as much of their waste as possible, but we fully understand that this is not always possible. General Waste refers to waste classified as non-hazardous and can be defined as waste that does not pose an immediate threat to humans or the environment.

If you choose our General Waste Service, we will provide you with a bin and empty it for you on a pre-agreed schedule of service. You will use this bin for waste that cannot realistically be segregated into Mixed Recycling or Glass containers.

Setting up an account with us is very quick and easy – it takes minutes, and can all be done by telephone and email.

We can have your bin delivered in 10 working days.

Please call us now on 03301 242 535 (local rate call) if you have any questions.

Do not put in a General Waste bin..

  • Any recyclable material such as paper, card, tin cans and plastic
  • Paint
  • Building materials
  • Soil and rubble
  • Electrical items
  • Lose ash or vacuum cleaner dust (put this waste in plastic bags and tie them to prevent spillages before

Do put in a General Waste bin..

  • Office waste that cannot be recycled e.g. laminated paper
  • Soiled lunch wrappers
  • Disposable cloth, paper or plastic items
  • Decontaminated media or labware
  • Styrofoam, bottles and cans which cannot be recycled
  • Uncontaminated animal bedding