Hazardous Waste

What is Hazardous Waste?

Hazardous waste is any waste product that has considerable or potential risks to public health or the environment. Material that is considered as hazardous is known to or been tested to show one or more of the below dangerous traits:

  • Ignitability
  • Reactivity
  • Corrosivity Toxicity

Our hazardous wastes are divided into packaged waste and bulked waste as follows:

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“The chemicals we use in our manual processing can be harmful and need to be disposed of carefully. CheaperWaste provide us with a fully audited trail in line with legislation and good practice.”



We provide a recycling service for Waste Aerosols and can provide you with the appropriate containers for segregation and collection.  The recycling process involves separation and collection of propellants, liquids and metal casing, all of which are recycled.


Our recycling service for Waste Batteries provides you with special storage boxes appropriate to your requirements and compliant with Dangerous Goods regulations. Non Lead Acid Batteries are sorted by Enviroco at our Approved Battery Treatment Operations Centre and sent into Europe for specialised recovery of metallic components as there are limited UK recovery options.  Lead Acid Batteries are sent for full recovery in the UK.

Tubes and Bulbs

We can provide you with suitable containers for storing your Fluorescent Tubes.  Once collected the Tubes are put through an innovative recycling process that crushes, washes and separates all components for recycling and the mercury element is re-refined for re-use in lighting manufacture.


We deal with a range of Waste Solvents including waste paints, thinners, solvent-based inks, alcohols, flammable resins and adhesives, chlorinated solvents, petrol, and numerous non-chlorinated solvents.  We have established recycling and recovery routes for these wastes and can also offer a toll recovery service if required.


We offer a full WEEE collection re-use and recycling service providing you with suitable containers for storage of items such as TVs, computers monitors and fridges for processing under the requirements of the European WEEE Directive.


CheaperWaste uses a fleet of collection and removal vehicles, including ADR, rated vacuum tankers for the collection of your bulk hazardous wastes.


We have established recycling and recovery routes for solvent wastes and can also offer a toll recovery service where appropriate.

Solids and Sludges

Our service is available to deal with any solids such as Asbestos, Tank Bottoms, Contaminated Sludges, Soils and Construction and Demolition wastes.


We can handle all organic liquid wastes such as Antifreeze, Water Based Paints, Organic Acids and Waste Oil disposal.


Our service also covers inorganic waste materials such as Alkali liquids, waste Acids, Filter Cakes and Salts.

Hazardous Waste Service

CheaperWaste provides an integrated hazardous waste collection, recovery and disposal services focusing on service excellence, safety and environmental compliance. Our specialist team will provide you with options from our diverse range of containers to help you with the segregation, storage and collection of your hazardous waste.

When you choose our Hazardous Waste Service we will provide you with a suitable container and empty or exchange it for you on a pre-agreed schedule of service.  You will use this bin for waste that poses substantial or potential threats to the public or environmental health.  Setting up an account with us is very quick and easy – it takes minutes and can all be done by telephone and email.

We can have your service up and running in just 5 – 7 working days.  Please call us on 03301 242 535 (local rate call) if you require more information.

Hazardous waste collection

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