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General Waste

General waste is material from businesses that cannot be recycled. It includes materials such as non-recyclable plastics, some packaging and food waste, and must be free of any hazardous or contaminated material. For the most part, this waste is disposed of in landfill sites.

Recycling (Dry Mixed)

Dry Mixed Recycling or DMR, is a convenient and effective way of disposing of clean, uncontaminated recyclable materials. Recyclable material such as paper, card, plastic and cans, can all be placed in the same bin and processed for recycling after collection.


Glass does not degrade through the recycling process, so it can be recycled again and again. Empty bottles, jars, and broken glass can all be recycled.

Clinical Waste

Clinical waste is waste produced from healthcare or similar activities that may pose a risk of infection, for example, swabs, bandages, or needles that may prove hazardous to human health.

Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste is waste that presents a substantial or potential risk to public or environmental health. Examples of this are batteries, solvents or pesticides, and chemicals such as brake fluid, print toner or oils.

Document Shredding

Secure document shredding is a service crucial for businesses who deal with sensitive or confidential information. It is a secure and environmentally friendly way to dispose of confidential waste.

Food Waste

Is all inedible and edible parts of food that is created before and after food processing, production and consumption. 

Skip Hire

Available on a one-off basis or multiple exchanges our skip service is there for you when a bin just isn’t big enough.