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Commercial Waste Broker

We compare over 200 suppliers to ensure you get the best deal.

Legal Compliance

We ensure that our customers are fully legally compliant and hold the correct certification.

Waste Collection

Collection and disposal management for UK businesses

What CheaperWaste can do for you…

CheaperWaste arrange waste collection and disposal services for UK businesses.
We ensure that our customers are fully legally compliant and hold all the right certification.
We have over 13,000 happy customers nationwide, and fully understand the need for small and medium size businesses to keep a tight control on costs.

Disposing of commercial waste legally and responsibly can be expensive, and many large waste management companies have numerous hidden charges.  CheaperWaste exists to provide the most cost-effective disposal solutions with minimal environmental impact.

Setting up an account with us is very quick and easy – it takes minutes and can all be done by telephone and email.
We can have your bin delivered in 5 – 7 working days.

Please call us now on 03301 242 535 (local rate call) if you have any questions.

Customer Service at Cheaperwaste

Services Available

General Waste
For waste that cannot realistically be segregated into Mixed Recycling or Glass containers.
Recycling (Dry Mixed)
For what is known as ‘dry mixed recyclables’, i.e plastics, cardboard, paper, drinks cans and food tins.
For glass only items, including empty bottles, jars, broken glass and so on.
Clinical Waste
CheaperWaste has extensive experience in hazardous waste, clinical waste and offensive waste disposal, and we will always ensure that your environmental Duty of Care obligations are fulfilled.
Hazardous Waste
Our professional Hazardous Waste Service is used for waste that poses substantial or potential threats to public health and / or the environment.
Document Shredding
Our Secure Shredding Service means that we provide you with either a lockable bin or a shredding machine, and empty it of shredded paper for you on a pre-agreed schedule of service.

Why Choose CheaperWaste?


Unlike our competitors, our staff are only ever a local rate phone call away.
We do not use outsourced call centres, and our english-speaking staff are all based in our UK offices.
Using only your postcode, they can advise you of your collection schedule, answer billing queries, change your schedule of service, add or remove a bin, or offer advice on recycling or legislation.

CheaperWaste offers them all.

We are also happy to offer free, no-obligation advice on best practice should you wish to give us a call


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About CheaperWaste

CheaperWaste entered the market in early 2011, founded by waste industry professionals with years of experience.  Driven by a belief that the waste industry is old-fashioned and not customer-orientated, we provide simple, jargon-free waste solutions on a transparent cost-per-collection basis.  Encouraging separation of recyclable materials wherever possible, we partner with national material recovery specialists to offer dry mixed recycling services, cardboard only and glass only solutions.

Our mantra is ‘minimal landfill’, although we fully understand that in some cases a general waste container is the only viable solution.  Wherever possible however, we will advise customers on how to reduce their landfill output in a cost-effective manner.
Please see our Services section for information on specific types of waste.