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Nightclubs can be one of the biggest contributors to waste in the nighttime economy. With thousands of drinks being sold over the weekend and the packaging, bottles, straws, and fruit slices that come with those drinks needing to be disposed of, you can see why the sheer amount of waste can pile up.


In this post, we will discuss common nightclub waste, how to safely dispose of it, and how Covid may have impacted this business sector.



Typical Nightclub Waste

As alluded to before, most of the waste a nightclub produces is centred around drinks. However, there are some not so obvious waste products clubs discard which we will discuss soon.


But first, let’s talk about drink waste. Depending on the type of beverage, there may be a variety of materials used to package the drink which subsequently needs to be disposed of. For instance, if the club sells bottled beer then glass waste will be common. Similarly, plastic bottles, or aluminium cans (or aluminium bottle caps) could also be typical waste. 


In addition to plastic containers, plastic straws may also be used. But depending on the type of straw, these may have to be discarded into a general waste bin rather than plastic recycling. 


Unfortunately, these straws are often non-recyclable and so end up in landfill which is exactly why a growing number of nightclubs no longer provide plastic straws and offer alternatives such as ones made from paper. Of course, if they do this they will produce plenty of paper/card waste.


Speaking of card waste, a lot of the multipack orders of mixer, tonics, and bottled beers are delivered to clubs in cardboard boxes and so having a paper/card waste bin is pretty much a necessity for nightclubs and bars despite it not being an obvious waste type.


Other necessary, yet not apparent waste types produced by nightclubs include clinical waste (for cleaning refuse), ash and cigarette butt waste (metal bin needed), and food waste (for fruit slices).


So to quickly sum it up, as a nightclub you can expect these kinds of waste materials:


  • General Waste
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Aluminium
  • Paper/Card
  • Clinical Waste
  • Ash & Cigarette Butts
  • Food Waste



How to Dispose of Nightclub Waste

Each of the waste types mentioned above will need its own dedicated bin which is used solely to hold its specific type of waste. You need to make sure that you are not cross-contaminating your waste in order to keep humans and animals safe and to ensure that you are not receiving any fines or penalties for mishandling your nightclub business waste.


You should also have your employees properly trained around safe waste disposal and have clear labels on your bins to avoid cross-contamination.


And perhaps the most important thing you need in place is a waste collector which can collect your various waste types and dispose of them safely. More on choosing a good waste collector coming up but first we should discuss why 2021 is a unique year for nightclubs.



Why 2021 Could Be Different For Clubs, Pubs, and Bars

As we all know, the global pandemic caused by the Coronavirus outbreak has massively disrupted countless businesses worldwide. But an industry that has been hit hard is the nighttime economy. Clubs, pubs, and bars have been told to shut their doors for a long time with UK nightclubs only being allowed to open after 18 months following the first UK lockdown.


So with clubbing only just becoming an available activity for keen party-goers, there has been a huge spike in demand for events and nights out. But with this demand also comes a large increase in waste, and nightclub business owners need to be prepared. 


It has never been more important to be on top of your waste as a club owner in 2021, but of course this can be quite overwhelming with how much and the variety of waste your business may produce.


That is where we come in…



How We Can Help

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We provide waste collection services for over 18,000 businesses across the UK and have some fantastic options for nightclubs. Enquire with us today for a free quote or fill out the quick and easy quote form below.

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