Food Waste

Food Waste is all the inedible and edible parts of food that is created before and after food processing, production, and consumption. It can contain small bones such as chicken bones from a takeaway but can’t include larger bones such as from a butcher (this requires specific certificates for disposing of within an ABP (animal-by-product) bin)

Food Waste Containers

We provide 120, 240 litre wheeled containers for external use. The 240-litre bin is the most commonly chosen size for food waste collections. See our Containers page for more information.

Why food waste shouldn’t go into general waste bins

By choosing a specific food waste collection and segregating food waste for proper disposal, you are making positive changes to reduce greenhouse gasses, and you will reduce the amount of waste that goes into your general waste bin.

For tips on how to reduce your food waste read our blog.

Our service

When you chose our Food Waste Service, we will provide your waste transfer (WTD) and Duty of care documents, as well as a suitable sized container, and pre-agreed collection schedule to meet your waste needs. Depending on your business we may also recommend that you take other types of waste collections such as general waste, glass collections or dry mixed recycling.

We can have your bin delivered in 10 working days.

Please call us now on 03301 242 535 (local rate call) if you have any questions.