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Business waste needs after lockdown may seem like an afterthought on a long list of things to consider, but it will soon become an integral part of navigating the UK’s new reality.


Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to reveal a road map out of lockdown on Sunday, and many are contemplating what that will mean for them.


With things like social distancing still likely to be enforced, and the wearing of protective masks to be encouraged, phase two is the UK’s first tentative steps out of quarantine.


Predictions indicate a step-by-step easing of the rules that have seen the country stay home and protect the NHS, all with the aim of saving lives.


The Telegraphs reports that signals point to a gradual approach, rather than any extensive reduction of the restrictions.


Home Secretary Priti Patel also stated that life will simply not return to pre-lockdown routines.


Despite this, one of the key areas both the government and business owners are keen to kickstart is the economy and getting Britain back to work as safely as possible.


Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Michael Gove, has warned Britons will need to live with some degree of constraint until a vaccine is found, and those constraints will be as evident in workplaces as anywhere.


With home working expected to continue to be encouraged for those that are able, companies that are eager to reopen their offices will likely need to make substantial changes.


That includes the end of hot-desking, staggered shift times and less sharing of equipment.


However, measures are less simple for workplaces and workers who are required to make direct contact with the public, or where maintaining a two-metre distance is difficult to achieve.


These include hairdressers, massage and tattoo parlours, beauty salons and therapists, with the exhaustive list amongst the governments major concerns.


The use of personal protective equipment (PPE) will be a necessity for these businesses while the threat of infection remains.

Woman doings nails in PPE after lockdown

Business waste needs after lockdown

Hazardous waste is classed as any waste product that has considerable or potential risks to public health or the environment.


Therefore, one consideration for businesses who will require employees to wear PPE will be the safe disposal of the equipment once it has been used.


And with much of the protective equipment needing to be discarded regularly throughout the day, used, and potentially contaminated, PPE can quickly pile-up.


Another thought for businesses will be the environmental improvements seen throughout lockdown, as factory and business closures, less cars and fewer planes in the sky have all contributed to cleaner and clearer air.


The pandemic’s disruption also serves to highlight the turmoil unpredictable events such as weather extremes can cause on day-to-day life.


Efforts to recycle may be increased by businesses looking to make a positive impact, with issues like climate change that existed pre-Covid-19 only becoming further exposed in the midst of the virus.

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