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What is Food Waste Recycling?

There is no strict definition for food waste recycling but essentially it is the process of turning discarded food produce into a useful product such as fertiliser or biofuel.



How is Food Waste Recycled?

There are two main ways food waste is recycled: Anaerobic Digestion and In-vessel Composting.


Anaerobic Digestion

This is the natural process where bacteria is used to decompose the food waste (organic matter) in an environment or chamber absent of oxygen. This produces biogas and a residual sludge.



In-vessel Composting

Food waste is mixed with garden waste, shredded and fed into a big container such as a drum, silo, or concrete-lined trench where the environmental conditions can be monitored and controlled. Such conditions include moisture, aeration, and temperature.


It is then held in this container for around 2-4 weeks in conditions where any harmful microbes are killed off (this is usually achieved at 70C). Then after it is left to rest and occasionally mixed for 1-3 months it is ready to be used as soil conditioner for parks, farms and other areas needing such products.




How can you recycle your food waste?

Whether you’re a small business owner or not, the way you can recycle your food waste is the same… get a dedicated food waste bin.


This will allow you to segregate your discarded food from your general waste and ensure that you can send off your food waste for recycling at an appropriate facility rather than sending it to landfill.



Why this is all important

It is very important to recycle your food waste so that it doesn’t end up in landfill. If it goes to landfill it will decompose and produce Methane gas. This is an extremely harmful gas for the environment. In fact, it is 25x more potent than Carbon Dioxide.


Food waste recycling not only prevents landfill pileups and lessens the amount of methane gas harming the ozone layer, but it also produces very useful products such as fertiliser and biofuel.


Plus, for small businesses, it is also of financial benefit since it will reduce how much landfill tax you have to pay since you will be sending less there each bin collection. Read more about this here.



Who can help you recycle?

For small businesses, you will need a fully licenced waste management provider such as CheaperWaste to provide you with a food waste bin and collection options. They will be able to pick up your discarded food and transport it to the appropriate facility.


If you need help with your food waste recycling then get in touch and we can advise on your best options. Or simply fill in the quick and easy quote form below to get a free quote.

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