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We understand that waste management isn’t something that business owners want to worry about, so we take the “worry out of waste” through our CheaperWaste service by arranging waste collection and disposal services for businesses throughout the UK, and we ensure that our customers are fully legally compliant and hold all the correct certifications.


We want you to have the best possible service, so while we work to improve your service internally, we’ve created a list of top tips to help you deal with your waste and get the most out of your service.



How to get the most out of your CheaperWaste service:

Make sure your bin is accessible

For health and safety reason our business waste collectors need clear access to your bins. They cannot enter your property to locate your waste or move obstacle blocking the access. Please make sure there are no cars or other vehicles blocking access to your bin, or if your bin is usually kept in a locked area, make sure it is moved to an accessible location.


Don’t overfill your bin

Your bin can only hold so much. If you are disposing of more waste than your bin can hold, or if the waste you are producing is heavy, for example, Food, Glass, or industrial material, you may want to contact us to arrange a one-off collection, or to review your service so that we can make sure that you’re getting the best value for your money.


Review your waste regularly

If you only have a general waste service and are putting all of your waste into a single bin, you’re probably going to be paying more than you need to. You may be able to save money by using a Dry Mixed Recycling bin, or a food waste bin. Contact us to discuss your account and we’ll see where we can make improvements and saving.


Keep your Duty of Care documents safe and accessible

Duty of Care (DOC), or Waste Transfer documents, are legally required documents for businesses. They prove that you are compliant and dealing with your waste correctly. Not following the Duty of Care laws can cause terrible consequences to you and your business. Local councils and Health and Safety personal can request your DOC documents at any time, and you must have them available for inspection quickly.


Check your schedule of service

Waste collection routes and collection days/times can change from time to time, especially around bank holidays and busy periods. While we will always try to keep you informed of any changes to your service, its best to check in advance.



Contact us about your CheaperWaste service

If you’re experiencing any problems with your service such as missed collections, or excess weight please let us know straight away. If you have any concerns over the reliability of your collection service, we can seek a new supplier on your behalf and change the supplier easily.


Also, please contact us if you are making any changes to your business, we’re here to help and if we’re informed of any potential issues in advance, we can stop them from becoming problems in the future.


If you need to contact us you can do so via Facebook, Twitter, Email, or phone.

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