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Choosing to recycle in the workplace as a business is a great idea, not only is it good for your company and the environment, but it is also great for your bank balance!


Government targets for reducing the amount of business waste that is sent to landfill increase year on year, which in turn increases the amount of waste landfill tax that businesses must pay in order to dispose of their general waste. While it’s unlikely that your business will be able to “general waste-free”, you can increase the amount of material that you recycle and reduce the amount of general waste that will be taxable and save money in the long run.


While you may have decided to actively recycle more waste, you will also have to encourage your staff to do the same, and unfortunately, it’s very common for many of us to be less diligent at work when it comes to separating and sorting our waste. So how do you encourage your staff to recycle?



Top Tips for encouraging your staff to recycle in the workplace

Here are our top tips for recycling inside your business.


Make sure you have the right bins for the right material

To fully commit to a new recycling initiative your business is going to need some appropriate bins and collection services. Start by completing a waste audit. By identifying what type of waste you are producing will enable you to request the best and most appropriate service from your waste management supplier.



Lead by example and ensure that you recycle in the workplace

It sounds simple, but by showing your commitment to recycling, and making a deliberate effort to separate your business’ waste, will help your staff to realise that recycling is a priority and will create a positive recycling culture in your business.



Staff training

Recycling can be notoriously tricky and deciding which items can and can’t be recycled is often difficult. However, if you can provide your staff with appropriate training and impress on them the importance of recycling, you will be able to recycle a lot more of your waste.


Focus on training your staff to understand packing labels, while not every item of packing will have a label, it’s a great place to start and it doesn’t mean you can’t recycle it. For a quick guide; Recycle Now has created a handy list of on-pack recycling labels.



Create reminders and notices

Your staff will no doubt be very busy, and unfortunately, it’s human nature for people to revert to previous habits. To avoid this happening, create reminders and notices around your business and specifically next to your bins. This will remind everyone of the correct recycling practices and leave no excuses!



Don’t forget about your cleaners

Your cleaning staff, whether direct employees or externally contracted, have a huge impact on your recycling efforts. It’s important to let them know what your plans are and make sure they are on board.



Remove induvial bins

If every member of staff has a bin under their desk, or next to their workstation, they will likely use this bin for all their waste. Encourage recycling by creating centralised bin stations with bins for all different types of waste you are producing and mark them up correctly.



Reward their efforts when they actually dso recycle in the workplace

If possible, make sure your staff know they’re doing a good job by rewarding their efforts, this can be something simple like an award for “the best recycler of the month”, or even a prize for the most committed staff member. Not only will this encourage them to recycle more, but they will also make them feel like valued members of the team.


If you’d like to recycle more of your waste, contact CheaperWaste today and see how much money you could save.

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