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As long as there has been waste management solutions, there has been fly-tipping, even doomed city of Pompeii had a waste problem before the infamous eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

But what is Fly-tipping?

Fly-tipping is the unauthorized ‘dumping’ of waste materials on land or water it is a serious crime and it is on the rise. This crime is much more serious than dropping litter (although we wouldn’t advise anyone to do that either), and costs the British taxpayer millions of pounds every year to clear up. In fact, a 2019 DEFRA report showed that during 2018/19-year, local authorities in England dealt with over 1 million incidents of fly-tipping, costing them approximately £12.9m to clean up! Money that could have been spent on much more worthy causes.


Why is fly-tipping on the rise?

One explanation for the rise in fly-tipping is the additional costs small businesses face when disposing of their waste.

Reputable waste management companies are obligated to pass on costs relating to the transportation of waste and gate fees, as well as the ever-increasing waste landfill tax imposed on businesses by the British government.

In response to this many criminal organisations have seen an opportunity to exploit small businesses.

It’s been reported that criminal gangs are posing as legitimate waste carriers to con unsuspecting business and homeowners, and to remove their waste for a seemingly reasonable fee.

These criminals are hoodwinking people with social media and internet adverts then dumping the waste in remote areas, rented offices and accommodations; leaving building owners to foot the bill of the clean-up. Or, there is also a growing trend for waste to be disguised as hay bales and dumped onto agricultural land.

The Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs said waste crime was becoming more organised, involving “networks of career criminals”, and tackling this type of illegal activity was complex, and Marc Lidderth, from the Environment Agency, calling fly-tipping “the new narcotics” for organised criminals.


What happens to companies who use fake waste management companies?

If fly-tipped waste is found to contain waste that can be traced directly back to your business, you could find yourself in court facing a rather hefty fine, in fact, you could face an unlimited fine if you cannot show that you took reasonable steps to prevent it.

fined for waste


How do you know if your waste carrier is legit?

It’s actually very easy to tell if the company you are engaged with are legal waste carriers. The Environment agency has a database of all legal carriers, their responsibilities, and their contact details.

Businesses need only to visit the Environmental Agency’s website and search by name for the company. A link to the database can be found here.


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