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Choosing The Right Refuse Collection Company

Picking the right service provider out of the many refuse collection companies available can be a fairly daunting task for small businesses. There are a few factors which you need to consider such as their price, their environmental position, and, of course, the types of waste they can actually collect.


You’ll need to find a company which ticks all the boxes so that you can be reassured you are in safe hands once you begin your contract with them.



Setting Up Your Contract With Refuse Collection Companies

So, after you have decided on which of the refuse collection companies you want to use, you’ll need to provide them with the relevant details in order to form the terms and agreements of the contract you will enter into with them.


You may already know what types of waste your business produces and how often (especially if you are switching to a new collector rather than setting up a new business). However, if you aren’t completely sure then you should seek advice from your prospective waste collector before finalising your contract with them.


If you need help deciding which waste collection service type your business needs then we have a fantastic tool for you here.


Therefore, once you do know what type of waste you need to have collected and how often then you can comfortably sign your contract and can expect your service to be carried out on the agreed terms between yourself and the refuse collection company.



Your Waste Collections

Following the completion of your contract, you can expect to be given a business bin(s) which you can store your commercial waste in temporarily until they are collected. You’ll also have your duty of care documents sent to you for your reference and your waste management company will help you complete these documents (such as the waste transfer notes) so that your refuse is disposed of legally. There is some more information on these documents here and here.


One thing to remember at this stage, however, is that you have a responsibility to look after your bins and to clean and store them appropriately. You’ll also need to make sure that they are not overflowing or have the wrong type of waste in them – otherwise, your waste management company may not be able to collect your waste. We have some more information about how to look after your bins here.



Additional Services Offered By Refuse Collection Companies

After having your waste collected for some time, you may begin to realise that you would actually benefit from getting additional waste streams collected by your refuse company. For instance, if you are a restaurant business and have your general waste and recycling waste collected you will undoubtedly benefit from additional services like glass, and food waste collections.


At this point, hopefully, you are already using one of the few refuse collection companies who offer such a range of services who can add these additions to your contract with relative ease. Otherwise, you may need to seek a new or complimentary waste management company for your business.


There are also additional services for one-off situations, such as a business site refurbishment, where your company would need a Skip. With waste management contractors like ours, you can easily arrange for these one-off services.


What CheaperWaste Does Better

At CheaperWaste, we offer a fully licensed, reliable and inexpensive service for all types of businesses across the UK. We provide a large variety of waste collection options including general, recycling, food, glass, clinical, hazardous, and even document shredding. We can also collect on days suited to your business and have a fantastic ‘customer connect’ portal where you can see all the details of your contract, your invoices, and where you can contact our support team with ease.


If you need help with your waste management then contact our expert team today by filling in the form below and we can advise you and offer you a free quote for your business.

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