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As the United Kingdom enters the next phase of living with Covid-19, businesses are being encouraged to reopen their doors.

In Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s blueprint to reopen Britain, non-essential businesses will be able to open from 15 June, with the likes of outdoor markets and car showrooms already beginning to welcome back trade.


Hairdressers can also begin to prepare for a restart, with hopes of haircuts from the beginning of July.


It will not be business as usual however, with doors perhaps more likely to creak with trepidation than swing open.


Many businesses have been closed entirely since 23 March, with those able to operate offering a largely altered service.


The Government have released a five-point plan for businesses to ensure the safety of both staff and customers and navigate in a world still wary of the threat of coronavirus.


The guide offers advice on carrying out risk assessments, hygiene, social distancing and managing the risk of transmission.


Restarting bin collections 

As well as implementing Government guidance, one essential for reopening businesses is resuming paused or stopped waste collections.


Upon the lockdown announcement, CheaperWaste offered customers a service pause until they were able to continue to run their business and we are pleased to see many of our customers now restarting their services.


Those who have restarted their services or are looking to do so should note it may take suppliers 7-10 days to reinstate collections.


It is therefore recommended that customers who are planning to open their businesses within the coming weeks notify us as soon as possible.


Unfortunately, reports of missed collections during this period have increased, as our partners are having to re-route and change schedules at very short notice.


Where possible, it is advised that customers always leave containers accessible and available to reduce the risk of a missed collection.


We are experiencing an increase in call waiting times due to the influx of calls and service restarts.


Our call quality is also fluctuating due the current need for our staff to work from home, with our IT department working hard to resolve this issue.


We apologise for any inconvenience caused during this unprecedented time and ask for patience as we also adjust our business to the current phase.


As always, we are working closely with suppliers to offer prompt resolutions to the above concerns.


CheaperWaste would like to thank customers for the resumption of their services and patience during this time, as we continue to traverse unprecedented ground, we are pleased we can do so together.


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