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What is Secure Document Shredding?

Secure document shredding is the process of taking sensitive paper documents which contain confidential or important commercial information and shredding them into multiple pieces once they are no longer deemed useful.


Key examples of secure documents which may need to be shredded before disposal include business plans, finances, employee personal information, and client account information. Undoubtedly, all these documents will contain confidential information which, if disclosed unintentionally, could be damaging for your business.



How are the document shreddings securely disposed of?

When using a waste management service like ours we want to provide the best options for your business in order to suit your needs. That’s why we offer two types of secure document shredding for our UK customers.


The first option is to shred your documents on your business site. To do this we will provide you with a commercial shredder where you can feed your confidential papers into it and it will store the shredded material. We will then collect this material on a schedule customised for your preferences and we will transfer the waste to a treatment facility to be recycled.


The second option is for us to provide you with a lockable waste container where you will temporarily store all of your discarded confidential documents. These papers will not be shredded in this bin and instead, we will pick up and empty your bin into one of our collection trucks and transfer the waste to an off-site shredding and disposal facility.


We can ensure security throughout this process and these facilities are equipped with sophisticated security systems so you can be reassured that your information is kept confidential.



Why is security important?

Documents are the lifeblood of any business. If your documents are exposed and sensitive information or data is disclosed unintentionally then there can be all sorts of backlash for your business. An employee who has had their personal details made public, for instance, would have grounds to sue your company.


Or perhaps, if your business strategy documents for the upcoming quarter were leaked through improper document disposal then your competitors could out-manoeuvre you or a new business could enter your market and saturate your market share.


Plus there are many other examples of how leaked documents could seriously affect your business so that’s why it is incredibly important to securely store and dispose of your documents and using a waste management service is a simple and effective way to do that.


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