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January can often be quite a strange month for businesses and indeed individuals. It is a time for reflection, a time where money is tight, and typically a time where enterprises experience less demand. As such, businesses need to respond appropriately.



Main reasons why January is often a slow period for businesses

The core reason businesses often see a downturn in sales during January is because this month directly follows December which, as you already know, is a time where consumers spend spend spend! They’re buying presents for Christmas, alcohol for parties (such as New Year’s Eve), meals at restaurants when visiting family etc.


As a result, consumers often have to make their money stretch throughout the month of January and often have a far more subdued desire to splash the cash. What this means for the majority of businesses is that people simply are not buying their products or services on mass for the time being.



But some businesses can boom during this period too!

Of course, however, there are some types of business who actually do really well during January. For instance, gyms, sportswear, health brands, and snow sports companies often experience increased demand in this month.


For the first few business types listed, they usually see an uptick in sales because consumers have started New Year’s resolutions which involve goals such as becoming more healthy, going to the gym more often, and eating better etc. For snow sports companies it is perhaps more obvious: it is the start of their seasonal demand due to the weather getting colder.



What this means for your waste

On the whole, however, most industries have reduced sales in January with hospitality usually taking one of the biggest hits. And so what this means in terms of waste for the majority of businesses is that you will inevitably produce far less overall and you may not produce a certain type of waste at all. Of course, on the flip side, if you are in the health industry or snow sports etc, then expect more waste.



What you can do to be best prepared

So, to best prepare, you should reflect on what happened to your business last January and assess whether you’ll be producing less or more waste and roughly how much less or more.


Then, you should make the decision as to whether you need to reduce or increase the number of collections you have in this month from your waste management company and inform them as soon as possible. You may also be able to request additional bins and waste types for collection if you need it.



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