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A Waste Management Business Ensures Legal And Safe Waste Disposal

A waste management business is a service used by many registered companies for 5 significant reasons. The first is a legal reason.


As a small business, you have a Duty Of Care responsibility for your waste. This is essentially a legal expectation that you will segregate, store, document, transfer, and dispose of your waste responsibly and in line with the UK laws. (Find out more here).


Failure to meet these expectations will result in penalties such as fees and in severe cases potentially a revoked trading licence.


The reason this Duty Of Care is put in place is so that businesses in the UK are not dumping waste on others property, leaving it to rot, mixing waste types (which prevents recyclable material from being recovered), or from unsafely handling hazardous waste.


Put another way, these legal expectations are to ensure that businesses are operating safely and not harming humans and the environment.


Now, this can be very overwhelming for a business to carry out on their own and so the vast majority of them will use a waste management business to oversee the responsible disposal of their rubbish.



Using A Waste Management Business Saves You Time

Businesses, especially small to medium-sized ones, should be free to focus on their operations, succeeding and growing.


As an owner, if you had to deal with your waste all by yourself with no external help from a waste management service you will likely have to dedicate a lot of time to that. This time will be taken away from you operating your business and so this will most likely negatively impact your growth and success.


Using a waste service will mean you have more time to focus on what really matters: your business.



It Is Actually Very Cost-Effective

When committing to using a waste management contractor you might be concerned that this will be another business cost you will have to endure. But, if you think about the alternative you will soon realise that it is totally worth it in terms of economics.


To legally dispose of your waste by yourself, without using a disposal service, you will need to buy in numerous amounts of expensive equipment such as multiple bins, a large load-bearing truck, a crane esque type machinery to pick up your bin and empty etc.


Plus, you’ll still have to pay landfill taxes and gate fees. Added up, this is all very and needlessly expensive. The cheap solution? Using a waste management business.



A Waste Management Business Can Offer Flexibility/Adaptability

Businesses often change over time. They undergo new challenges, grow, downsize, open new offices and more. A waste disposal service can adapt to your business needs, providing more collections, more bins or the inverse if given enough notice.


This is fantastic for small to medium-sized businesses who need flexibility in their waste disposal needs.



You Will Have More Opportunities To Be ‘Green’

A lot of waste management services are deeply concerned with the health of the environment and offloading your waste to them is a great choice if you want to have a positive ‘green’ impact.


These companies will send your waste to recycling and treatment facilities and reduce the amount of refuse that gets sent to landfill. Plus, they can offer you dedicated bins for specific types of waste such as an individual bin for food waste.


This will allow you to separate your food waste from your general waste and, therefore, enable you to recycle more of your rubbish rather than sending it off to rot in landfill – an environmental disaster.



So there you are 5 important reasons why you should use a waste management business to dispose of your refuse. If you are looking for a cheap, reliable and flexible service then contact us today to get a free quote. Or simply fill in the quick and easy quote form below to get a free quote.

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