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So, What is DMR?

DMR stands for Dry-Mixed Recycling and is the name given to the type of waste which can be widely recycled and is not contaminated with products such as food waste or garden waste.


This waste is then collected and taken to recycling centres where it is separated into each specific type (cardboard being segregated from plastic bottles for example) and put through the appropriate treatment in order to make the waste into useable material.



What can go into your DMR bin?

What can actually be included in your dry-mixed recycling is as follows: paper, plastic bottles, cardboard, aluminium drinks cans, and food tins.


It is really important that you do not contaminate your dry-mixed recycling with substances such as: waxed paper cups, food waste, liquids, polystyrene, glass, wood, textiles, bin bags, and of course specialist waste like clinical, hazardous, and electrical waste. That’s because if you do then the material cannot be recycled and your waste collector could even refuse to take it.



Why DMR benefits your business

By having a DMR dedicated bin in addition to your general waste will mean that you are sending less waste to landfill each time your bins are collected.


The reason this benefits your business is that you will spend less money on Landfill tax and gate fees which can be very expensive for companies which do not separate their waste and only have a general waste bin(s). So, ultimately, having a dry-mixed recycling bin and using it will save your business money.


Of course, there are even more benefits to DMR for small businesses such as making the organization more environmentally friendly which can attract and keep employees, reassure customers, bring in new customers + more. It truly is a no-brainer for UK businesses to use a dry-mixed recycling waste service.


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