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Definition of Landfill Tax

Landfill Tax is an environmental tax paid on any waste which is disposed of at a landfill site.


Landfills are solid waste disposal sites, where waste is deposited and compacted, and then covered over with a layer of soil. Their purpose is to minimise the volume of non-recyclable solid waste and store it with minimal danger to the public. All Landfill sites must be licensed by the Government and to use them you must pay a Landfill Tax.


The type of waste sent to landfill is often referred to as general waste and some types of food waste. The vast majority of businesses produce general waste and so it is very likely that your business will need to pay its share of Landfill Tax.



Why does it exist?

The reason that Landfill Tax exists is an environmental one. It is put in place to encourage businesses and individuals (part of individual council tax) to send less of their waste to landfill which the can do so by choosing to buy and use products which are made of recyclable or eco-friendly material.


Using landfill sites is not a sustainable waste disposal method and is critically harming our environment. That’s why the government need to dissuade people and businesses from relying on them and so we are all taxed accordingly. You can read more about how these sites affect the environment here.



Why does it increase annually?

The Landfill Tax rates have increased each year without fail. This is because it needs to act as a deterrent to using this disposal method and needs to encourage recycling. The government hopes that eventually, we will get to a point where the market will be forced into adopting more eco-friendly products since more and more businesses and individuals will want to reduce their Landfill Tax bill considerably and so will demand recyclable products.


Landfill Tax rates for 2020/21 have increased to £94.15 per tonne for the standard rate.



How CheaperWaste deals with Landfill Tax

Some waste management providers include Landfill Tax charges in their monthly charges and so their charges may increase from month to month. At CheaperWaste, however, we have a far more predictable and stable billing policy.


To read more about Landfill Tax from the Government website then please visit them here.

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