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It may not come as a surprise that the vast majority of UK businesses (who have a physical location) use waste management companies to dispose of their commercial waste. 


There are numerous reasons for this which can be broadly categorised as the ‘legal reason’, the ‘practical and economic reason’, and the ‘environmental reason’. In this post, we will discuss each factor UK businesses take into consideration when deciding whether to use waste management companies for their rubbish disposal. 



The legal reason you should use waste management companies

In the UK, all businesses with a physical address must responsibly store, transfer and dispose of their waste and there are many legal hoops which these organizations must jump through in order to appease the government ‘Duty of Care’ laws. 


This can be quite daunting and overwhelming for businesses who may fear the financial repercussions of failing to meet the legal requirements for waste disposal. As such, many will opt to use one of the many waste management services available to them. 


These waste management companies (if legitimate traders) will be fully licensed and ensure that your commercial refuse is appropriately removed from your business site. This means that you will not be breaking any laws and you can feel reassured that you are operating without risking any fines or trading suspensions. 



The practical and economic reason

Whilst the legal reason is probably the most significant driving factor for companies deciding to use a waste management service, a UK company is entitled to dispose of their waste themselves – but they must be completely legally adequate to do so. 


And so, if they wanted to remove their rubbish themselves they would need the appropriate equipment. This includes large load vehicles, multiple bins, and the logistics agreements to transport the waste to the correct disposal sites at the dedicated times. 


Now, if that doesn’t sound impractical and expensive to you then what does? These are needless costs and essentially the same amount of work as running your own waste removal service. It’s no wonder why UK businesses choose to use waste management companies when you consider the practicalities and costs. 



The environmental reason to use waste management companies

A final consideration for businesses assessing their waste management options is often environmental.


Businesses are becoming increasingly concerned about their environmental impact and customers are equally interested in making a positive change when they can. In fact, a large proportion of customers will often consider a businesses’ environmental standpoint and actions when choosing a service or product. 


Fortunately, using waste management companies to carry out your organisation’s rubbish disposal is a fantastic way to lower your carbon footprint and be ‘green’ relatively effortlessly. 


If you choose a waste management service which aims to send as little to landfill as possible and recycles as much as it can, then your business will be well on its way to being an environmentally conscious organisation. If you do this, your customers will undoubtedly be appreciative and you may even attract new customers. 




In summary, using a waste management company is almost a necessity for UK businesses. The legal, practical, economic, and environmental reasons are compelling reasons that the vast majority of businesses use such services. 


What you should consider when choosing between various waste management companies is the price, their environmental stance, and their legal trading status. 


This is why CheaperWaste is a fantastic option for small businesses. We are a fully licensed, cheap (hence the name), environmentally conscious service with over 18,000 customers across the UK. We take the worry out of waste and enable your business to be set up with all your waste disposal needs and advice quickly and easily.


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