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So, we all know that bins are the place to store all your dirty rubbish, and as such, they can get incredibly dirty themselves. However, did you know that your waste collector can actually refuse to empty your bins if they’re too messy? Well, this is just one of the reasons why cleaning your bins is so important. In this post, we will go over why bin cleaning should be on your businesses’ radar, especially as we head into the summer.



Why are dirty bins so bad?

We have already mentioned how having messy bins could cause your waste collector to be unable to collect your waste. But another reason unkept bins can be so detrimental is that they can be a health hazard to the public and the environment.


Perhaps one of the worst outcomes for having dirty bins is the attraction of unwanted pests including rats, birds, and foxes to name a few. These animals can get into your bins, tear up bin bags, and move waste all-around your business site and nearby area. This could land you a nasty fine from your local council. So, there is a financial incentive to keeping your bins clean too.



Why is it becoming more important now?

As we lead up to summer, cleaning your bins becomes even more important. That’s because the hot weather makes dirty bins far worse and the repercussions far more likely and severe. This is because the warmer temperatures speed up the decomposition of waste in/on your bins and will cause them to stink.


So with summer coming up, and with Covid restrictions being eased and the economy (and likely your business) getting back to normal, now is the time to ensure that your bins are clean and remain clean.



What can you do?

Here is what you can do to keep your bins clean:


  • Make sure your bin bags holding your waste are not burst or pierced and are air-tight when knotted. The less air the more time the waste will take to decompose


  • Storing your bins in cool, shaded areas will reduce the rate of decomposition


  • Squirt lemon juice over the lids of your bins. Not only is the citrus smell a nice one but it deters pests like wasps and flies


  • Wash your bins at least every 2 weeks. Pour hot, soapy water and use a jet spray (if you have one) to wash away any residue on the inside and outside of your bins


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