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Car garage businesses produce a lot of specialist waste and as such need a waste management service that can cater to all their needs. These businesses need to consider the variety, the amount, and dangers of the waste they produce. This post will discuss all of this and give insight into how you can make the most out of your waste management as a car garage business.



Identifying your waste

To be able to optimise your waste management strategy you will first need to identify what exactly your business is throwing away, how much of it, and how often. This can be found out through conducting a waste audit.


A waste audit is a simple way of estimating your businesses’ waste production and information about how to conduct one properly can be found here.


As a Car garage, you’ll likely find that your waste audit shows that you produce a fair amount of specialist waste types and you’ll need dedicated bins for each of these but more about this in the next section.



Multiple waste type collections

The typical types of waste a car garage business will produce are general, recycling, scrap metal, chemical/hazardous, and oil. Each of these types of waste will need a dedicated bin and collection for health and safety, and legal reasons.


It would be incredibly dangerous to mix your waste types as a car garage business and if you do not properly separate them you may be fined and if continuous breaches are made then your business could be forced to close.


Of course, if your business is getting fines because it does not have multiple waste type collections, then you are certainly not making the most out of your waste management service.



Looking after your bins

Even if you have arranged for dedicated, multiple waste type collections, if you are not looking after your bins properly then your waste may become cross-contaminated. If this occurs, then your waste may be refused to be collected which will lead to missed collection fines and the repercussions of having waste pile up on your business site.


So, to ensure your waste is separated and stored correctly in your bins, you need to make sure you have the appropriate bin types on site. For instance, you will need a skip for scrap metal or a sealed bin for waste oil.


You will also need to clearly label your bins and keep them in safe places, away from walkways and the general public. You will also need to make sure that you clean your bins on a regular basis. You can read more about the importance of cleaning your binsĀ here.



Getting your employees on-board

A key thing that you will need to get in place to ensure that your waste segregation policy is maintained is to have your employees educated on the importance of preventing cross-contamination.


You should train your employees on how to handle waste, which waste type goes in which bin, how to clean the bins, and so on. This will help you make the most out of your waste management service since this will mitigate the chances of missed collections and subsequent fines.


We recommend that you make your waste policies part of staff induction training and as a booster session for your current or long-term employees.



What next?

To make the most out of your waste management service, you should take the advice from this blog post and use a waste service provider who can offer further support, the bins/equipment, and collection methods to be catered for your business.


If you need a new waste collector then you should look no further than us here at CheaperWaste. We collect waste for thousands of beauty businesses across the UK and know exactly how best to support our customers in this sector.


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