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Why plan for Christmas?

Christmas is often a very busy time for a variety of businesses and not only can demand increase but what is expected of the company may also change during the festive period.


A typical industry where Christmas has this effect is in hospitality. Restaurants and pubs, for example, should expect a higher demand in drinkers and diners, but also may be expected to decorate, provide festive menus, and more holiday-themed offerings.


Of course, with this increase in demand comes more waste and it is important that your business plans accordingly. Otherwise, you will be left with overflowing bins, and potentially nowhere to store your waste during and immediately after the festive period.



Why this year might be different for your business

Unfortunately, with the restrictions brought in to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, this years’ Christmas will likely be very different for your business. It is likely that demand may not reach the heights of last year, or indeed whether your business is even allowed to open.


However, if your business is open and you do typically see an increase in demand during the holidays, then you should still expect an increase in customers and sales relative to the rest of the year (post-March lockdowns). If so, that means you need to plan ahead.



What you can do

If you’re expecting an uptick in demand and consequently more waste, you should arrange for additional collections with your waste collector. But be warned, their pick up times may be altered during the holiday season – our Christmas 2020 collection schedule can be found here for instance.


You can also arrange for a skip to assist you with clean up immediately after the festivities end. You can use this for Christmas trees and other single-use decorations for example.


Of course, going back to the hospitality trade, you may need to get your hands on multiple dedicated bins for your glass and food waste since you will be expecting more drinkers and diners in December and for New Year’s Eve.


If you need any additional collections or a new waste collector to help your business through Christmas, then fill out the quick and easy enquiry form below and we’ll be in touch.

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