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What Is Commercial Rubbish Removal?

Rubbish removal itself is a simple enough concept. It’s the transfer of waste from one location to another where it can either be disposed of or treated/recycled. The most common experience you’ll likely have of this is when the council come to pick up and remove your rubbish from your household bins every other week.


But when it comes to rubbish removal for businesses, it’s not quite as simple as that. Commercial waste collection often includes the segregation of multiple types of refuse, documentation of the waste, professional paid removal, delivery of bins, and more.


Whatsmore, it is also a forgotten service for many new business owners despite it being an integral and a legal requirement for UK SMEs to have their waste responsibly disposed of.



How Is Rubbish Removal Carried Out?

For businesses, it all starts with something called a waste audit. This is where you make note of what kinds of waste your company is producing, how much of each type, and how often. Once you know this, you can inform a waste management service and ensure that you’re getting the perfect solution for your rubbish removal needs.


Your waste management service then delivers the appropriate sizes and types of bins to your business location for you to use. It is then your responsibility to make sure that your waste is being segregated and put into the correct bins. You need to ensure that glass waste does not end up in your food waste bin if you’re a restaurant for instance.


Then, aligned with how often you fill up your bins, your waste collector will arrive in large specialist trucks on a scheduled basis to pick up your bins, emptying the rubbish into their trucks, and returning your bins to you. At this point, waste transfer notes will be exchanged so that both parties and any tertiary parties such as the government know the amount and type of rubbish are being removed from your site.


These collection trucks then deliver your trade waste to an appropriate treatment facility where it is either recycled or repurposed (if possible) or disposed of through incineration or landfill.


After a few months, or when any significant changes occur in their business, many owners will often carry out another waste audit and inform their waste management service to alter their package to keep up to date with their current rubbish removal needs. We strongly recommend you do this as this can save you a lot of money and ensure that you are never left stuck with any overfilled bins.



Why Is Trade Waste Removal Important?

The most significant reason business waste removal is important is that, in the UK, it is a legal requirement to adequately, safely, and responsibly dispose of your company’s waste – and without the right resources, this is essentially impossible to do on your own. Can your business really afford the specialist trucks, the time taken to transport waste multiple times a week, or the legal certifications needed to offload your waste at treatment facilities? It is far simpler to use an external service which covers this.


Of course, not having to spend all money needed for the above means that using a waste management service will undoubtedly save you money in the long term and with some services focusing on send as little refuse to landfill as possible, you’ll also save money on landfill tax when your waste is collected. You can read more about this here.


Having your trade waste removed by a service is also very important since it will mean that you can spend your time as an owner focusing on actually running your business instead of worrying about your waste. Having this stress removed from your operations will be invaluable as you grow.



Why Choose CheaperWaste?

At CheaperWaste we provide a fully licensed waste management service to over 18,000 businesses across the UK. We can collect all sorts of waste ranging from general and recycling to food and hazardous, we make sure that your business is completely legally compliant throughout the collection process, and we can even create a customised package with a collection schedule suited perfectly to your business. And we do all that for market cut rates – true to our name.


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