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What are bottle collections?

Bottle collections usually refers to the process of a waste management company picking up a businesses’ glass bottle refuse and taking it to a recycling treatment facility.


Whilst there are also plastic bottles this type of waste usually comes under ‘dry-mixed recyclables‘ and is not part of the typical ‘bottle collections’ discussion – which is why this blog post will focus on the traditional glass bottle.


Who needs bottle collections?

Some businesses will need bottle collections and others won’t. It all depends on how much and how often these businesses are discarding glass bottles. For instance, restaurants and bars are some of the biggest producers of glass bottle waste and will often have a dedicated collection service for this waste stream.


It is really important that glass bottles are not thrown away by being put into a businesses’ general waste or other waste bin. There are a couple of reasons for this. One is that the bottles can smash and the shards could cut the bin liners causing leaks or full breakages which may prevent the company’s waste from being collected.


Another reason is that they can contaminate the other waste streams which will prevent them from being successfully recycled. Imagine, for example, a business mixed their glass bottle refuse into their food waste bin. This food waste will no longer be able to be recycled and neither will the glass from the bottles.



How are they recycled?

To recycle the bottles, the glass is crushed into small pieces called cullets and then smelted to make a moldable glass material which can then be blown into the desired product shape. Often glass bottles are recycled into new bottles because they are 100% recyclable, however, there are other products the glass can be turned into. For instance, the glass can be ground down into a fine powder and used as a sand alternative in order to make concrete.


If you want to find out more about glass recycling then you can read our fantastic blog on the topic here.



The rise of outdoor drinking and dining

With businesses and customers having to deal with the circumstances of Covid-19, we are starting to see the rise in outdoor drinking and eating. This has lead to existing businesses opening up or revamping their outdoor spaces to accommodate for this and even new outdoor venues being set up by entrepreneurs across the UK.


What this means for waste, however, is more packaging waste since food and drink items are now needing to be packaged in a way to suit the outdoor environment. As such, we are starting to see an increase in bottle waste for businesses with outdoor areas.


With this trend looking to continue, we strongly advise these businesses to arrange for additional glass waste collections or, if they have not done so already, to have a dedicated bottle collection service.



Using a waste management service for bottle collections

As a business, carrying out your own bottle disposal in a legal and safe manner is very difficult. As such, the vast majority of companies use a waste management service to provide them with a dedicated bin, to collect their glass bottles on a scheduled basis, and to take them to the appropriate glass treatment facility – all whilst ensuring that your business is legally compliant at all times.


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