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Unlike other more general types of businesses, beauty businesses produce a good amount of specialist waste which needs specific storage, disposal, and treatment. Businesses in the beauty industry include tattoo parlours, hairdressers, nail salons, and massage parlours to name a few. For these companies to make the most out of their waste management service, they will need to do things differently and this post will discuss what they can do.



Identify your waste

One of the first steps in being able to make the most out of your waste management service is to understand what kind of waste you are producing, how much of it, and how frequently.


To find this out you will need to carry out a waste audit. This method will allow you to have some estimates on all the factors mentioned above by keeping track of what your business throws away each week, fortnight, or month. To learn how to effectively do a waste audit you can read our handy guide here.


As a beauty business, it is very likely that your waste audit will show that you produce multiple waste types with some being specialist refuse.



Multiple waste type collections

Now you know what types of waste your business produces, in order to get the most out of your waste management service, you should look to get multiple waste type collections so that you reduce the amount you send to landfill and reduce the chances of refused collections and potential fines.


The reason beauty businesses may receive fines or refused collections (which is all very costly) is because they are not separating their specialist waste from their general waste which can be dangerous to humans, the environment, and animals.


For example, a tattoo parlour who discards their ink, blooded clothes, swabs, and needles in their general waste bin will be putting their waste management service collector’s health at risk and so they will likely refuse to collect your rubbish and due to how dangerous this sort of cross-waste contamination can be, your local council will likely fine your business too.


Therefore, to reduce the chance of fines and refused collections, as a beauty business you should ensure that you have dedicated waste collections and bins for each type of waste you produce. Furthermore, this could also save you money by reducing how much general waste your business sends to landfill and consequently your landfill tax charges will reduce. More on that here.



Looking after your bins

As mentioned earlier, cross-contamination can be a big pr0blem for beauty businesses and so if you are not looking after your dedicated bins and separating your waste properly, then you are not making the most out of your waste management.


So, some good tips to making sure that your waste is separated and stored correctly in your bins are of course first to make sure you have the appropriate bin types on site. For instance, you will need a sharps bin for needles, and a locked lid bin for biological waste.


You will also need to clearly label your bins and keep them in safe places, away from walkways and the general public. You will also need to make sure that you clean your bins on a regular basis. You can read more about the importance of cleaning your bins here.



Getting your employees on-board

Now it’s all well and good having your bins looked after properly and your waste being separated. However, if your employees are not trained and encouraged to separate your waste and use the correct bins, then it will all be for nothing.


Therefore, you should incorporate introductory staff training on safe waste disposal for new employees and have a booster session for current team members, and if you see that staff begin to forget certain rules then you can make this training a more regular occurrence.



What next?

To make the most out of your waste management service, you should take the advice from this blog post and use a waste service provider who can offer further support, the bins/equipment, and collection methods to be catered for your business.


If you need a new waste collector then you should look no further than us here at CheaperWaste. We collect waste for thousands of beauty businesses across the UK and know exactly how best to support our customers in this sector.


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